Hulk keeping his place clean all day long!

This is Hulk. Hulk one of the cutest kitten you can imagine. He loves to sit on his cat tree. High above everything else. But what he doesn t like is dirt. He does not tolerate anything dirty on his cat tree. So see what he does if you try to destroy his beautiful place.

Cat tilts its head while chasing mirror reflection

While we were getting ready in the morning out kitty cat Hulk has found a method of making this time more interesting. When using a hand mirror the reflections made Hulk chasing the light and thereby tilting his head in a very cute manner.

Beautiful white Cat with fluffy fur This beautiful cat, might be persion somehow has a beautiful long white fur. She also loves to be cuddled and to share some headbumps. Thanks for visiting and watching #FELIXBCATS Feel free for sharing and subscribing. A great channel which I personally follow is also #spideyandhulk Go check it out. It’s another cat enthusiast….

When your Cats don’t want you to leave

Do you know the situation? You have to leave, got to work, food store or somewhere else. But you cat doesn’t like that. This is one example what Spidey and Hulk do in such situations. Lay down on my bag, so i can’t take it…😍

How Cats lay down

See on Youtube Hilarious Example of a Cat laying down…Do you also have a cat who feels like a god? Share your experiences.